On december 20th 2018, The Purple Star Program hosted a SPA-NTA CLAUSE VIP party to celebrate Christmas time.

Idalis Bailey, the host of the event, invited “the stars of the Purple Star Program” with their families among which Joseralis Piñeta and Ana Valenzuela attended with their children to spend a beautiful Christmas night. VIP Guests also attended to the event to enjoy a wonderful night with the members of the program, a special thanks to Renata Díaz, who dressed like Santa Claus and with her charisma and joy made the night more special. On behalf of the program, all the member´s kids received Christmas gifts, and Idalis also gave their members and family a special gift.

“I have no words to express the joy I feel to see the happy children´s face, is the same feeling when I see my patients satisfied after their treatments”

At the end, Idalis took a moment to say thank you for all the support that her patients and members of the program has shown to her and to Renew Esthetics MediSpa throughout the year.

“I want to say thank you and specially to my patients for all you have done for Renew Esthetics through this year. 2019 will be filled of lot of joy and happiness!”

SPA-NTA CLAUSE VIP night was a very fun and warm time to close this year full of success and welcome a new year that is expected to be better for the Purple Star Program and its members.

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